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  • Saturday, July 7th, 2018
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Best Movies on amazon

As we all know that Hollywood is taken to be the dream world. This is the place that can turn all your dreams into reality if you have a passion of acting. A Hollywood film makes a huge net worth as they get released. Storytelling, production, direction, acting and graphic skills are few of the main prospects that make a Hollywood film strongly successful.   Giving you out we have the list of famous and top 5 most expensive movies ever made in Hollywood!

Famous and Top 5 Most expensive Movies ever Made On Amazon:

5. Spider-Man 3:

On the 5th spot we have 2007 directed film, Spider Man 3. This film was directed by Sam Raimi. It was made on the cost production of around $258 million USD. The very first series of Spider Man was released in the year 2002.  Spider Man 2 earned the worth cost of $250 million soon after its release. But the critical reception of Spider Man 3 could not just pay off.

4. Tangled:

Tangled was one of the top leading successful films of 2010. It was directed by Nathan Greno, and Byron Howard. This film had the cost of production that was around $260 million USD. Much of the expenses of Tangled were put to bring the story on the right platform. It took almost the years of time to create the movie at the best. Much of the extensive research was done on the animation processes and Disney characters.

3. John Carter:

On the 3rd spot we would bring on the name of John Carter. This film was released in 2012. It was directed by Andrew Stanton. This movie was made on the cost production of around $263 million USD. Although this film was expensive in terms of production cost. But this film was the company’s biggest flop of all time. This is quite an interesting fact about this movie!

2. Waterworld:

Waterworld was released in the year 1995. This film was directed by Kevin Reynolds. This movie was made at the cost of production of around $271 million USD. This movie was said to be one of the most expensive movie ever produced in 1995. The producer invested around $20 million of his personal funds into the film.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean:

Bringing on the top we have the top successful film Pirates of the Caribbean. This film was released in the year 2011. This film was directed by Rob Marshall. The actual cost of production of this film was around $397 million USD.

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