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  • Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019
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Our the past years we have grown to love the show called game of thrones as we look forward to every new season and patiently await the first episode of the year 2019. The HBO show creators have marked this to be the last of the series but have promised another back story tv show in the upcoming years to take its place. For now the fans wait for the date April 14th when the first episode of the final season comes out and takes everyone by a surprise. Twitter and every social media platform will be taking about the crazy details and people wont sleep discussing what to expect on the next episode. It will carry on all year pass summer.

Many will ask, how do we watch game of thrones season 8 if we don’t have HBO subscription. Well, you can buy one, or you can use 123movieshub and other sites to watch the show.

We expect a bunch of characters to die and perish away by the finale but the most important is who will remain the King or queen at the end. Who will remain alive till the end to take their rightful throne. How many dragons if any will survive. What happens to the white walkers? Will everyone die? Hopefully all our questions will be answered by finale but we cant imagine this season 8 to be less than a bloody massacre all season long. So far the series has had over 90 notable deaths, and we expect alot more to come.

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Most important message from the 123movies community is to stay safe, watch and enjoy the show with your friends and family.


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